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This is a picture of me, having a characteristically bad hair day. Notice how unperturbed I look by what is happening on top of my head.

My name really isn't "Mudpie Magnet." That is just a silly name I chose, to reflect my terrible propensity to attract and/or create messiness wherever I go.

I'm "The Mom" to two cutie-pies. I teach them myself because I want to, and nobody can tell me I can't. So there.:)

I love to write, I love to teach said two (except when they are flailing about while groaning as if in labor.) I love to knit, read aloud, and sing both western and eastern Christian liturgical chant. I also enjoy doing overly-gluey projects with my 5-year-old son, whom we refer to as "The Craft Nazi." (Don't worry, we don't call him that to his face.)

I am looking forward to reading and writing, and hopefully, even some 'rithmatic- on Hubpages!

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    Science in the Classical Homeschool

    10 months ago

    Many critics of home schooling argue that it isn't possible to teach science effectively in the home environment. However, with so many curriculum choices available it's not as hard as it seems.

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